Welcome to The Caruso Family’s home page! You’ll come across us at various events in and around New Jersey where we showcase all of our family art and other talents.

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Formerly under the banner of “Caruso Kith Kin & Co LLC,” The Caruso Family is made up of the talents of:

Steve Caruso, MLIS – A trained Librarian who formerly translated Aramaic languages for 15 years, Steve is on the Computer Science department at Raritan Valley Community College. Throughout his life, he’s been a bit of a jack of all trades, but (contrary to common sayings) has taken pains to become a master of some. Those specifically related to this venture include numismatics, the study of coinage; horology, the art of clockwork and timekeeping; pewter casting; and digital portraiture.

Elizabeth Caruso – The other Caruso sibling. She is an accomplished artisan whose talents at knitting chainmaille led to a rather successful run as Metal Celphalopod Army at the 2013 Steampunk World’s Fair. At the time of this writing, she is the only individual, worldwide (at least that we’re aware of) to teach chainmaille construction and design for credit at an accredited institution of higher education (Centenary College, NJ; Fashion Department). Her program has been running for two years.

Nayla Caruso – Steve’s wife and our customer service person. Nayla has demonstrated through over a decade of prior experience a penchant for keeping a business running well. She also has cultured a kind demeanor towards customers and has a knack for seeing to their needs that aren’t immediately obvious.


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